Final Draft for Story

Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians are hired by a powerful alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their precious batteries from invaders. When it is discovered that Rocket has stolen the items they were sent to guard, the Sovereign dispatch their armada to search for vengeance. As the Guardians try to escape, the mystery of Peter’s parentage is revealed.
I personally really liked this movie. The Guardians are still the ragtag combo of a talking tree, a half alien earth-born thief, a raccoon mercenary, an assassin who works for an intergalactic tyrant, a psychopath hell-bent on killing said tyrant. If you remember GOTG Vol.1 the head of the Nova Corps told Peter Quill or Starlord that his father was an alien who the Nova Corps records have no clue as to what species he is and this film continues almost exactly where that left off.
If you ask me i dont really feel like the film really went anywhere in the larger MCU and i wont spoil it but it takes place right where the last film left off… in 2014. This moivie is set in the same timeline as The Avengers and their respective members, and considering the events of the film they would at least bring up the events of this film, I feel like the timeline would make more sense if it was set the time the movie was released.

However it is all immedietly undone by the cuteness of baby groot.

review shield 6

  1. My favorite story was the one about the counselors retirement. The one that could use work is the one about students with tattoos, because simply nobody cares about them.
  2. My favorite photo was the only one with color. Least favorite was the six strings to college thing, because it was dark and in general just bad.
  3. Favorite design was the one with THE CLASS OF 2017. Least favorite was literally every other page because they are bland and boring
  4. I hate all of the Shield issues equally
  5. I would pick the one about homeless children, because it acknowledged a usually ignored group.
  6. The very few ones with color that were actually good.

Current events SB 4

During May Day in Austin a protest composed of dozens of people gathered at Greg Abott’s office in response to a bill known as Senate Bill 4 which would ban sanctuary cities. The texas department of protection came and arrested 24 people at the protests successfully ending the protest. Among those arrested included Pastor Jim Rigby of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

Review issue 5

  1. My favorite story was the article about the homeless students who go to our school, it displayed information about an issue that is rarely talked about and most students have a stigma that only adults can be homeless, my least favorite story was the one about the Samurai Jack revival I feel like that was insignificant to life in this school.
  2. My favorite photos were all on page 16 the darkness in said photos really highlighted the people in them, I didn’t like the one about different styles particularly due to the lack of color so i cant actually see a very important aspect of how their style is unique, color, to somebody like me they just look like any other person color makes a very good
  3. Favorite page design was page 24 due to it looking unique, least favorite was the mentioned Different Styles for obvious reasons.

three image ideas

  1. One idea I have is to wait until dinner when the table is set I will then take a photo of the table all while capturing my parents work place.
  2. Another idea i have is to take a photo of skin care products next to my sisters toothbrush due to my mother being a skin therapist
  3. I shall take photos of my fathers drawing area